Above header is an image 1100×300 and is in My Designs in Canva. It’s completely editable in Canva!! Can use on any MMO squeeze post/page. I no indexed this page also.

This text is the center block of the tri blocks and this center block is a width of 65. Checking to see if the blocks are centeredddd. Answer: The 3 column blocks are centered by default. No worries about needing to center them.

This cleanpage is also pixeled. It’s done inside NameHero by clicking on CleanPage file, then Edit, Then adding the pixel code between body tags.

This center block is width of 65. This will be my text inside the blocks. There wasn’t a way to center the blocks under the heading picture. If i keep going surely it will work together and get me on the trail to building and growing a business. Altucher knows.

So what does this look like? Will it center properly?

This is a centered text. See if I can make this red.

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