Affiliate Marketing Business Plan For Beginners

Affiliate Marketing Business Plan For Beginners

If you want to make money online and aren’t quite ready to create your own products yet then affiliate marketing is just what you need.

The first step is to decide who you want to help? What niche do you want to begin promoting solutions for?

When you go all in and start helping an audience it comes down to the quote by Zig Ziglar when he said the more you help other people get what they want the more you get what you want.

Secondly it’s important to align with a primary content creation method. I like blogging the best. You may prefer making YouTube videos. Others love podcasting the best. Keep in mind that once you get lots of content published through your core content strategy then you can branch out to some of the others I just spoke of. The idea is to be the best service to your audience you can be.

Question number three is what is your secondary content creation method? Is it blogging, podcasting, or videos. Traffic and growing your audience is an ever changing landscape, so ensure you get your secondary content creation method dialed in after you’re moving forward on your core content creation strategy method. Some niches do well with posting on Pinterest as a diversified traffic method.

Question number 4 is how will you get your audience on your email list? It’s important to learn to start creating landing pages to use for your core offer to your audience and build a list. It’s going to safeguard your future because you own your list. You need a lead magnet and a way to present that offer no matter the traffic method. It’s preferred to have a popup on your website displaying your free offer. If you are running ads or certain social traffic then it’s best to use the landing page to send that traffic to. You don’t want outbound links on your landing pages, other than what’s required by the traffic source.

Number 5 is what are the 4 or 5 topics your audience is most interested in? These are the topics you can always create content in. What is the outcome they want? What are the biggest obstacles to getting to their goals? What do they value most? What are they doing now to try to get to their goal and how can you do it better or differently to improve their situation? These topics are going to be the core of your hundreds of pieces of content.

Number 6 is what product will help them overcome their challenges? Most online coaches will tell you to go to Clickbank and grab a product but I think you need to start find people already helping people in your niche and contact them about being an affiliate for their product. You may want to buy the product and use it yourself to make sure it’s of high quality and something you want to promote. You can usually find about 5 or more different products to promote in this step. You are simply recommending these products or memberships to your audience through your email list. You’ve probably heard it before, the money is in the list.

This brings us to number 7. What stories are you going to use to present these products to your audience with? You need to have a story hook that relates to the product and is tied into your world. It makes you authentic and a non-commodity. The story you share is what people will attach to and it will build trust to your audience so they feel they know you and will purchase from you. You either have the stories already or you’re going to build those stories over time.

I hope you enjoyed this outline of how to begin as an affiliate marketer. One of my mentors in the affiliate marketing space is Miles Beckler. Look up some of his videos on YouTube and you’ll understand affiliate marketing more in depth. I love to teach about affiliate marketing but always like to share the names of people that have helped me and that I know are trustworthy and good at it.

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