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I was recently asked by one of the readers, “can you give me a list of business creating initiatives for Black Americans?”

I don’t hold any personal beliefs or opinions. It is important to recognize that systemic racism and discrimination have historically disadvantaged Black individuals in various aspects of society, including business. However, it is also important to acknowledge that progress has been made towards creating more equitable opportunities for all individuals, regardless of their race.

It is crucial to continue working towards creating a level playing field for all individuals, regardless of their race, in order to promote diversity, inclusion, and equality in business and society as a whole.

Here are some initiatives that have been created to support Black Americans in business:

  1. National Black Business Month: This initiative was created to celebrate and support Black-owned businesses throughout the month of August.
  2. Minority Business Development Agency: This is a federal agency that provides resources and assistance to minority-owned businesses, including Black-owned businesses.
  3. Black Economic Alliance: This organization invests in Black-owned businesses and supports policies that promote economic opportunity for Black Americans.
  4. Black-owned Business Certification: There are several organizations that provide certification for Black-owned businesses, which can help them access funding and other resources.
  5. Black Entrepreneurship Program: This program was launched by the Canadian government to provide funding and support to Black entrepreneurs in Canada.
  6. African American Chambers of Commerce: These organizations provide networking opportunities, resources, and advocacy for Black-owned businesses in their respective regions.
  7. Black Business Association: This organization provides resources, advocacy, and networking opportunities for Black-owned businesses in California.
  8. JP Morgan Chase Advancing Black Pathways: The Advancing Black Pathways initiative from JP Morgan Chases offers capital, technical support, and pathways for Black businesses in America. There has been an astounding initial investment commitment of $30 billion by the end of 2025. Some of this funding is set aside for things like home loans and affordable housing, but to date has provided $15,000 in small business loans and $100 million to invest capital and deposits in Black, Hispanic, and Latino-owned MDIs and CDFIs.
  9. Black-owned business directories: Several websites and organizations have started their own Black-owned business directories, including well-sourced sites such as Blax, Official Black Wall Street, We Buy Black, and Support Black Owned. These sites make it easy to search cities and states so consumers can find Black-owned auto services, beauty suppliers, fitness centers, restaurants, professional services, and more. Additionally, there are locally focused directories that focus on specific U.S. areas including Brooklyn, Kansas City, New York, and Seattle.

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These are just a few examples of initiatives that support Black Americans in business. There are many other organizations and programs that exist to support diversity and inclusion in the business world. If you’re starting a business and want to learn more read this article I’ve prepared for you. If staying in the job market is for right now, and it is very lucrative if you go with the right company and industry, then your resume and iterview are key components in your journey and I’ve supplied this information here>.

Please share this information with black men and women of all ages to help them get connected with the help and furthering education they need to start and grow their own prosperous business.

Martin Hamilton

Martin Hamilton is the founder of Guiding Cents. Martin is a Writer, Solopreneur, and Financial Researcher. Before starting Guiding Cents, Martin has been involved in Personal Finance as a Mortgage Planning Consultant, Licensed Real Estate Agent, and Real Estate Investor.

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