How To Build Wealth in your 30’s

How To Build Wealth In Your 30's

Not long ago there was a time in this country when having a college degree meant success. It meant a career with a large income, and prestige and your own office with the giant plant in the corner. But today, in 2020 a group of working class Americans are breaking this belief pattern.

Meet John, a 32-year old from California. In Jan. 2014, John moved to a small town in Southern California and used his savings to open an internet company. Initially, John wanted to be a freelancer and only help other businesses build websites and other jobs like that.

But that all changed very quickly.

During his first year in business John made 6 figures. After stumbling into this quick success John’s sales topped $1 million. This year, he expects to hit much more.

How did John make this much money, so fast?

And John’s not the only one…

Fred Porter, who runs a small barbeque stand in Washington, PA, is making nearly $3 million a year. Keith Fischer, a 20-year old community college graduate who recently got laid off from his last job, is now making $80,000 a year. Same goes for his 24-year old brother, Ronald.

And Laura Klein, a waitress at a truck stop is now making $750 a day.

How are these people doing it?

This is the story of “America’s New Rich” — basically a group of working class people all across America and in many foreign countries, that are now making more money than the majority of their college graduate peers.

These Americans do not come from privileged backgrounds or have fancy university degrees. You won’t find them driving around in super expensive cars or playing polo at a country club. They don’t live in major metropolitan cities like New York City or Los Angeles. And they generally won’t be found lounging around on the beach.

Yet, they’re driving Ford SUV’s (the car of choice), buying million dollar homes, yachts, pools, and have plenty of time to enjoy life.

These are ordinary people. Grass roots people like farmers, teachers, factory workers, and small business owners. Most of them live in smaller communities and average size unknown towns across America.

Chris Daniels, for example is a 54-year old from Florida who used to earn $4.15 an hour. He has no education and has been working since he was a teenager. Today, Chris makes $140,000. That’s more money than what the average lawyer makes. Robert, 47, used to be a real estate agent in a town of small town in Texas of only 2,300 people. Today, he makes well over six figures per year and earns the same salary as a mid-level Pro Baseball player. “It’s crazy,” says Daniels who just bought a 3,400 square ft. home with cash.

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America’s New Rich: How Millions of People Who didn’t Get Degrees, And Many Who Grew Up Poor, Are Making Over $100,000 a Year.

It’s An Amazing Chance But Acting With Urgency Is Key

The secret of America’s New Rich dates back to the 1950’s and 60s, America experienced the biggest economic boom in history…

Back then a full 50% of the world economy sprang from places like Akron, Detroit, Peoria, Pittsburgh, New Orleans, Kansas City, Seattle, and hundreds of other towns and cities across the country.

It was a great time… a time when people with spirit and drive could go out and make it for themselves. All it took was desire, belief, hard work and a little luck.

Today, with poverty at a record high level and only 20% of the population becoming wealthy at some point in their lives, becoming rich in America isn’t as easy as it used to be. These days making money is more about who you know and what degree you have.

People don’t go to Harvard because the books are better or the actual teaching is better. It’s who they meet, sons and daughters of big company CEO’s. Their classmate tells their dad about a guy he went to Harvard with that wants to work in the company.

Dad quickly makes that resume float to the top with priority. Also classmates will rise high quickly in companies which makes those connections super valuable in later years also..

But “America’s New Rich” are the exception to this rule…

In Carroll County, Ohio, which has a population of only 28,000 people, this event has created 550 new millionaires. That’s approximately 1 out of every 50 residents.

In Wheeling, West Virginia, which is one of the poorest towns in America, this event has lowered the unemployment rate by 50%.

And in Sully County, which has 1,420 people, this event has grown residents’ income by 70% in the last four years to $116,000.

This single event is the driving force behind “America’s New Rich.” It is the reason why Bill Patterson who used to own a business in Indiana, doubled his salary to about $2,239 a week. Why Leroy Jones, a 62-year old farmer in Kansas, expects to soon make more than $100,000 a year in extra income. And why 29-year old Frank Mumford who used to work marginal jobs washing trucks, expects to top $100,000 a year.

One former college Professor has figured out a way for you to tap into this new wealth regardless of where you live or how much money you have in the bank. Whether you’re a businessman, waiter, or student… you can join “America’s New Rich” by years end.

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