How To Start a Freelancing Business and Make Money

A freelancer is considered a self-employed person who: Pays their own self-employment taxes. Doesn’t have any employees. Sets their own rates…

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It has lots of income statistics that will motivate you and help establish the belief you need to get started on the fast track.

Nearly 60 million Americans freelanced in 2019, both full-time or part-time. They represented more than a third of the American workforce, according to a separate study by Freelancers Union.

There are more than 15 million full-time freelancers, with with 20 percent earning more than $100,000 per year, according to a study by MBO Partners.

A list of the highest-paying freelance jobs, recently created by a global freelancing platform, shows dozens of jobs in which freelancers can earn $80,000 per year and even more. A strong list is in the highly researched report.

Experts say that 2024 and beyond holds plenty of opportunity for those freelance workers with professional skills. Now with the COVID effect, it’s looking like freelancers will be even in more demand.

We preferred to use pre-COVID numbers in our report and not over inflate using hypothetical numbers.

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I’d like to take a quick moment to share a few tips with you, today!

The benefits of running your own freelance business, as well as the challenges, should be an exciting journey to prosperity for you. Taken seriously you will succeed. The journey to learning the freelance lifestyle is fun too. I’ve done it.

There’s a few things to be considered before you decide to jump on the
work at home bandwagon and begin your freelance business.

I’m not going to “kid you” working at home is still work, but it can also be the most profitable and satisfying experience of a lifetime!

Time management is your first key to unlocking your freelance pathway to wealth. Once you get time management nailed down you’ve pretty paved your path to the door to success for anyone who works at home, from their laptop, or remotely if you choose.

That’s why I made it the topic of the report that I have given to you above in this post. This is life-changing information we’ve researched and made available for those interested in owning their freelance business.

As the master of your home based business you’ll find that being your own boss, It took me a while to get used to working at home after commuting all those years and can take some getting used to.

You’ll find, out (as I did), that you are able to get much more done in three hours (that are well spent) than in three days once you realize the great income you can make as a freelance business owner.

For instance, much of the information that you will find to help you succeed can be found online, but this can truly become a double-edged sword.

You need to set some clear Internet boundaries from the start!

Surfing the Internet, Facebook, and email are menacing time vampires to the home based entrepreneur, who is trying to succeed and serious about making it their career.

A great tip for you is to learn time buffering. If you don’t then a few three-minute videos could easily eat up a whole hour or worse, a whole day!

A second tip is to learn to dedicate, solid blocks of time to work “offline”.

If you come up against a block, and feel you need to go online to do research to resolve the problem, then consider making a place holder at that point in your offline work and moving on.

Using this method makes it so when you do go online for information it’s done so with the attitude of getting in, getting what you need, and getting out quickly!

Tip number three is the use of a timer. Even if it’s for 5 minutes while you go online to lookup one tidbit of information.

You should definitely use a timer to set work increments of no more than one hour before stopping for a few minutes.

One of the greatest ad and copywriters of all time Eugene Schwartz, would set his timer for 33:33. Yes you read that right, thirty-three minutes and thirty-three seconds. It got him super results and he always talked about it in his seminars.

Make an account of the time you spend online so that you don’t waste a moment in casual browsing, that should be dedicated to progress.

Separate your personal internet time so you won’t let it interfere with your freelance business work.

Trust me, you’ll feel a whole lot better at the end of a day when you get a lot done and make a lot of money…than if you look up at the clock and find that you have blown the day unintentionally distracted, or worse, goofing around! I’ve done plenty of that and it’s a bad feeling at the end of the day.

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In our free report you’ll find the top categories and researched incomes for each genre of freelancing. I wanted to include a few more so here they are:

7 Top Freelance Job Categories

Computer & IT tops the list. These jobs can range from computer repair to website maintenance to Internet security positions…
Accounting & Finance…
HR & Recruiting…
Editing and Proofreading…
Project Management.

Jobs That Earn The Most In The Freelancing Industry.

For those of you who are interested in making a steady income or retiring early, here are the jobs that earn the most in the freelancing industry.

Programming And Software Development…
Social Video Marketing…
Web Design And Development…
Content Marketing/Writing…
Graphic Design…
Video Editors.

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