Small Manufactured Homes Review

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Small Manufactured Homes

Here at Guiding Cents all content is about helping you save, make more, and get overall better value for your money. That’s why we did this series on Small Manufactured Homes (Tiny Homes). Imagine owning a luxury home for the price of a car! 

Living large (or even medium-sized) is a thing of the past. Settling in a tiny house—small manufactured homes—particularly the modern farmhouse variety or cabin style of tiny homes is more than just a trend; it’s a lifestyle choice that people all over the country are happily taking up. 

Log cabins have been a part of American history since it’s beginning. Many log cabins aren’t very big at all. In the early part of the 20th century, it was very common for people to live in tiny houses. After tremendous economic growth, it came to be in the 1990s that a starter home had to be 3,000 square feet and 4 bedrooms. That’s a lot of unused space to heat and cool. 

Nowadays with thousands of books being held in our Amazon Kindle accounts, flat screen tv’s that hang on a wall taking up the space of a picture, millions of songs available for streaming or storing on a small hard drive, and small led lights that can light up an entire room with little power, things are changing like a transition from caterpillar to butterfly. 

More can sometimes mean chaos. This isn’t a constant because to have plenty is always a comfort and accomplishment to be proud of. However, sometimes clutter and just overflow can cause issues with poor emotional feelings. In today’s world, do we really need storage buildings and all this overflow? It really is the perfect timing to own a tiny home.

It’s your personal decision how that question is answered, but I can tell you from experience that having less can be more. Sometimes the weight of clutter can feel like extra weight and baggage. 

If a tiny home seems too little for you, consider two or three on a property attached with a walkway. Each can be like visiting a totally different property. These custom tiny homes can be decorated and presented totally differently than any other. Since the walls aren’t connected, sound resonation isn’t a problem for things like a game room or home theater either. 

Small manufactured homes, or tiny homes as some people call them, actually started in the 1980s. There are lots of advantages to owning and living in custom small modular homes. 

There are lots of options for luxury tiny homes for sale. 

Another option that’s very popular for investors is to own them and rent them out for a week or more at a time to vacationers. This has proven to be a very lucrative and safe investment. 

Below we will look at quite a few options of these tiny estates. Keep in mind some may be unavailable currently, because of enormous demand. That’s why we did tons of research and came up with quite a few options you can look at.

Vermont Style Cottage with Loft. This Excellently Made Pre-Cut Kit Includes Step-by-Step DIY Plans. This Pre-Cut Kit Measures 16×20 And Is Built With a Timber Frame Post and Beam

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This solid 16′ x 20′ Vermont Cottage is a durable and versatile cottage that can be used as a tiny house, summer camp, hunting cabin, artist studio, for year round living, or as a rental property for vacationers.  The rugged post and beam construction.

Using roughly sawed and true-dimensional lumber, you are ensured the building will last generations.

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This pre-cut kit includes all lumber pre-cut with color coded stickers that correspond to a cut list and the DIY instructions.

It supports a long lasting high quality 29 gauge corrugated metal roof, barn sash windows with screens, a 2″ thick pine door with window, and all fastening hardware is included. A porch, loft and loft ladder are also included in the design.

The overall dimension of this cute and well built cottage is 18’4” wide x 22’6″ long from drip edge to drip edge. The overall height is 15’4″.  This allows an interior that’s 16′ x 16′ and the porch is 4′ x 16′. There is 240 sq/ft of first floor interior space, 96 sq/ft in the loft and 80 sq/ft for the porch. 

For two people the estimated assembly time is 40 hours. 

Some of the other specifications of this quality tiny home is a floor system which includes three 6×6 hemlock skids, 2×6 hemlock joists 16″ on center and 3/4″ CDX plywood decking. 

Walls are 4×4 post and beam hemlock framing with a wall height of 96″ in the rear and 128″ in the front. 

A roofing system made of 2×6 hemlock rafters 24″ on center (snow load 80 pounds a square foot) with 29 gauge corrugated Evergreen metal roof. The roof is an 8/12 Gable Pitch. The final siding is 1″ rough sawn Eastern White Pine Board and includes fascia and corner trim. Click on image for current price.

Prefabricated Container Solar House Economic Modular Home 40 hc

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Here is another great home manufactured by Global Modulars. 

It is 320 sq. ft. and a great weatherproof container house that’s leak proof even under extreme climatic conditions.

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It is 320 sq. ft. and a great weatherproof container house that’s leak proof even under extreme climatic conditions. All modern fixing is possible in this tiny home including AC, fire alarms, smoke detectors etc.

Here you have an appropriately insulated to bear extreme temperatures modular house that is built with advanced weather proof materials.

Included are aluminium doors and windows, vinyl floors, painted drywall walls, Hi- Quality Foam insulation,  and hurricane proof windows

This fast and economical housing company is licensed by US Construction Codes and Global Modulars is an insured general contractor who has working production facilities in South Florida . Click product image above for pricing and current delivery status.

Prefab Backyard Living Or Office Pod – Productivity Center by YARDADU

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This super modern looking tiny home isn’t very large but is definitely livable for the right person. It sports 120 Sq Ft. of living, office, or spare room space with 16’6″ x 7’4″ dimensions.

With this great small manufactured home you get quality and comfort. It includes great Insulation, sound Proof, waterproof, even manufacture offered financing for as low as $298/mo.

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Imagine combining two or three of these on a small property or just building a nice deck in front. 

When you order expect production time of 8-12 weeks.

Prefabricated Modular Container House 20 ECO Tiny Home Residential Ready to Live Housing

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This amazing super strong prefabricated tiny home with weatherproof and leak proof—even under extreme climatic conditions—all modern home includes AC, fire alarms, smoke detectors etc.

Make sure you check your local codes but the builder Global Modulars, says there is no civil foundation required. This modular home is complete with durable with fabricated steel panels.

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Here you have a ready to live tiny  house appropriately insulated to bear some very extreme temperatures. This is accomplished because this eco tiny house is built with advanced weather proof materials.

Hurricane Proof Windows are available and the manufacturer (Brand: Global Modulars) asks to please contact them about the size or shipping details before you order a product. Clicking on the product image will get you to the details page with current pricing and manufacturer contact information or for your convenience here is a rundown of who they are: 

Global Modulars is a US company based in Florida, USA. Their focus is based on residential and commercial modular and prefabricated construction.

With a long history of global experience, Global Modulars has a combined construction years of experience of engineers and founders of more than 180 years.

They have accomplished dozens of projects in Europe, Asia, in the Caribbean and in the USA.

By simplifying construction Global Modulars transforms High Cube cargo containers and prefabricated structures into beautiful houses, apartment complexes or small office/business buildings, cafés, bars and many other types of construction.

​They are proudly manufacturing products according to the construction codes of the USA, and are reducing construction time and costs considerably. Click on image for current price.

Best Barns Millcreek 12′ X 20′ Wood Shed Kit

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Here is a super cheap option that will need some extra building by the owner. Primarily designed as a backyard shed, this spacious tiny home can be made into a livable space with the proper carpentry work and loving care. 

If you are a do-it-your-selfer, or want to do a little hiring of a licensed contractor, and want to put well under $10,000 into your small manufactured home, then this cute option is your fit. 

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Built by Best Barns, this tiny home has a loft and lots of indoor space for the price. Click the image for the current price and availability in your area.

For a bonus to your property, we have provided a below ground tornado & storm shelter for consideration.

Especially if living in an area that has a high tornado frequency, now is the time to get an underground storm shelter installed. With the extra money saved by your tiny home, it’s now affordable for most people.

SteelSafe Below Ground Tornado Storm Shelter

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Never worry about tornadoes again. Simply bury this high quality tornado and storm shelter on your property and you’re safe. This 4ft W x 6ft L x 6ft H Below Ground Shelter comes standard with LED lights and 3-point latching door and removable padded/carpeted steps and bench seating on two (2) of the interior walls to allow for adjusted room once occupying the shelter.

To ensure against moisture penetration, all welds are dye tested inside and out, and the entire exterior of the shelter is coated with a hand applied, 2-part epoxy/tar blend.

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Factory steel outriggers are fabricated on each end of the shelter, at the bottom, to prevent the unit from floating.

Shock assisted doors allow for easy operation and provides a steel locking mechanism at each end of the door.

The entire interior area is finished with a bright white enamel paint, allowing for easy cleaning and a bright interior.

Install guidelines available upon request at no charge to purchaser. Installation not included.

Build Your Own Shipping Container Home

Click above to learn how to build an inexpensive and long lasting Container Home.


You’ve taken a step to discover the best in small living and seen examples of how to downsize your own living space.

56% of Americans say they would live in a Tiny Home.

Small Manufactured Homes are gaining traction with Americans who are considering them as a more affordable option—or even to generate extra income by owning them as vacation rentals.

With the average size of families shrinking as well, it means that there’s a lot of under-used square footage everywhere.

Despite the American want for everything “big,” smaller homes have steadily been gaining popularity in the last couple of decades.

Tiny House Made Easy™

Once considered something “fringe,” tiny homes—usually defined as anything 400 square feet—are now breaking into the mainstream consciousness, as you can see in the innumerable blogs, books, festivals, and television shows dedicated to the small space lifestyle.

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