Shocked By Those Extra Monthly Apartment Fees?

They had been deceived, taken advantage of by those who held power over them.

It was a sweltering day in the city, and the residents of an apartment complex were feeling the heat in more ways than one. For they had just discovered that their landlord had been charging them hidden fees, a practice that had gone unnoticed for far too long.

The fees were not insignificant either. They added up to a substantial amount, and the tenants were understandably upset.

They had been deceived, taken advantage of by those who held power over them.

Some of the extra fees that were adding up to make a place less affordable than first appearance included things most people assumed were included in the rent, like for trash removal, paying the rent online, or for sorting mail.

This was not an isolated incident, however. It was a symptom of a larger problem, one that had been festering for years. The housing crisis had left many vulnerable to the whims of landlords and property managers, who could charge whatever they pleased with little fear of consequences.

But there was hope on the horizon. President Biden had promised to tackle the issue head-on, to make housing more affordable and accessible to all. It was a noble goal, but one that would require a great deal of effort and political will.

The tenants of the apartment complex knew that they could not rely on the government alone to solve their problems. They would have to band together, to fight for their rights and demand accountability from those who held power over them.

It was a daunting task, but one that they were willing to undertake. For they knew that their struggle was not just about hidden fees or unfair landlords, but about the very dignity and well-being of themselves and their fellow citizens.

The 3 big rental sites that are exposing these hidden fees include:

Zillow launches a new service which will also include application fees, security deposits, parking and pet fees. will roll out a new calculator that includes all upfront costs and recurring fees. will require property owners to disclose all fees and upfront charges in their listings including identifying those with a history of best practices.

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Rental application fees add up really fast in a tight market, while limiting them is a tough row to hoe.

This is supposed to happen in coordination with the White House, which has issued its own blueprint for a Renters Bill of Rights.

In March 2023, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Marcia Fudge called on housing companies and state and local leaders to “promote fairness and transparency for renters.”

A record 21.6 million U.S. households are rent-burdened, spending more than 30% of their income on rent. A recent report by the National Consumer Law Center warned that extra fees are helping drive up that burden, and can “jeopardize access to future housing and financial stability when they contribute to rental debts and blemishes on renters’ credit reports.”

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