Stomach Fat Removal Without Surgery

Stomach Fat Removal Without Surgery

Here at Guiding Cents we look into questions and problems our readers are talking about. One of the main topics these days, with the social distancing rules, is enlarged stomachs and weight gain.

Our staff took a good look at hundreds of products and solutions to lose belly fat and get slimmer, especially around the middle, and we came up with a way to get a flat belly. First of all, we want to create the best way possible for you to do this without breaking the bank or spending money on something that won’t meet its promise.

After lots of research and consulting with experts, it’s time to show you how to get a flat tummy by doing a few simple lifestyle changes that are easy to begin right now.

Take Probiotics And Prebiotics

Probiotics are live bacteria that are suggested to play a big role in weight loss and weight maintenance.

Overweight and obese people have been shown to have a different composition of gut bacteria than normal-weight people, which may influence weight gain and fat distribution.

A regular intake of probiotics and prebiotics may shift the balance towards beneficial gut flora (microbiome), reducing the risk of weight gain and fat accumulation in your abdominal cavity.

How do we increase our beneficial gut flora? There are expensive supplements but why not just use food. Here is a list that’s available at most local grocery stores throughout the year.

Probiotic and prebiotic foods include radicchio, kefir, tempeh, kimchi, saurkraut and pickled okra. Our favorite prebiotic is radicchio. Just buy a head and chop some into your daily salad. It is a little bitter so to get rid of the bitterness soak it in cool water after you chop it for about 5 minutes.

Do Exercises While Standing, Not Sitting

Whether in a gym or at home you should opt to stand when lifting weights or doing resistance training. Standing while performing certain movements, like bicep curls, can help you engage your core when performing the sets.

Get a Standing Desk.

Why not stand and move a little while doing your work? We’ve found a standing desk to be a great help in stretching the legs and back while increasing circulation and even increasing the metabolism enough to burn a few calories. While standing you can do leg lifts and strengthen your stomach muscles while beginning to flatten your stomach.

This doesn’t mean throw away your current desk. Just get a standing desk to use during part of your day. You’ll find it doesn’t take up much room and the benefits are well worth it.

This core body engagement can help strengthen the core muscles and trim the stomach area.

Swap Out High-Calorie Drinks

High-calorie beverages often provide few or even no nutrients. When choosing to drink them it is easy to overindulge adding extra calories without realizing it.

Some obvious offenders are soft drinks and energy drinks. Adding to those are other popular drinks, including juice, milk-based coffee beverages, and alcoholic drinks, all have extra calories, often with no additional nutritional value.

To avoid consuming too many calories in drinks, you can:

  • Swap out juice for whole fruits, which are full of fiber.
  • Limit or avoid milk and sugar in coffee and tea.
  • Reduce alcoholic drinks to none if you can.
  • If you do drink then mix them with soda water instead of tonic, cola, or ginger ale.

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