The Art Of Resumes And Interviewing

How to write a resume and take the interview

We have seen too many people blow their interviews on small things that could have been prevented if only they had known a couple little tweaks. “It’s one of the worst feelings in the world when you do all this work, go to the interview, and get turned down for a career position”, says Jason Wilkins of Danville Virginia.

This doesn’t need to be you. Here we are going to provide lots of inexpensive resources that will propel your future onto a solid foundation and get you started on a career that has high earning potential.

Too many people are afraid of writing a great resume and going through the high pressure process of completing the job interview process.

The truth is there are a ton of books out there on how to write resumes. Many of the books are quite good. But studying an entire book about writing resumes is like learning auto mechanics just to drive across town. Why bother?

Instead, why not find a great resume that’s already written and use the best parts for yourself?

It’s easy, cheap and saves you time better spent searching for that next great job.

As an added bonus I’m including three Special Reports you’re sure to find useful. Special Report #1 contains resources listing over 100,000 jobs available right now. Special Report #2 discloses what the hottest jobs will be from now until 2028. And Special Report #3 reveals the very best locations for finding great jobs and some of the best companies to work for.

“Steal This Resume” is the perfect resource for job-seekers. Each of the over 500 resumes and cover letters is precision-crafted using persuasive phrasing and powerful language aimed at finding great employment. The hard work has already been done. All you need to do is search out the perfect phrase or paragraph or description and make it yours.

You’ll like the powerful wording and strong descriptions in this guide. Instead of spending valuable time and effort hunting for just the right word or phrase you can simply use what’s already worked for someone else. Each resume and cover letter is effectively engineered to present the job-seeker in the very best light for the very best job. That job-seeker could be you.

Cracking the Code to a Successful Interview: 15 Insider Secrets from a Top-Level Recruiter

Written from the perspective of the recruiter, this offers solid and valuable insight with specific steps to prepare. Since reading this book, I’m moving further along the interview process and faster than before. I’m confident implementing these tips and prepping based on the exercises will lead to a job very soon.

This book is so head and shoulders beyond anything I have ever read on this subject. Gave me a plan, huge edge, and exact way to approach things. Also taught me I had much more to offer than I thought I did. Put me at ease and got me the job finally

I interviewed many people during the course of a thirty-nine and a half years career. The secret is to listen. We were taught “you have two ears and one mouth”, so listen twice as much as you speak. This book certainly could provide a course of action to be successful in interviews. I can recommend this book entitled: Cracking the Code to a Successful Interview: 15 Insider Secrets from a Top-Level Recruiter.

The Art of the Interview: Lessons from a Master of the Craft


Highly respected in journalist circles and hailed as “the Interviewer’s Interviewer,” Lawrence Grobel is the author of well-received biographies of Truman Capote, Marlon Brando, James Michener, and the Huston family, with bylines from Rolling Stone and Playboy to the New York Times.

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He has spent his thirty-year career getting tough subjects to truly open up and talk. Now, in The Art of the Interview, he offers step-by-step instruction on all aspects of nailing an effective interview and provides an inside look on how to prepare yourself for the interview and get hired.

In The Art of the Interview, Grobel reveals the most memorable stories from his career, along with examples of the most candid moments from his long list of famous interviewees, from Oscar-winning actors and Nobel laureates to Pulitzer Prizewinning writers and sports figures. Taking us step by step through the interview process, from research and question writing to final editing, The Art of the Interview is a treat for anyone looking to get hired.

This is a great start and if you want to dive deeper or consult with someone about the resume and job interviewing process be sure to contact us via our contact page. Good luck and happy earnings.

Martin Hamilton

Martin Hamilton is the founder of Guiding Cents. Martin is a Writer, Solopreneur, and Financial Researcher. Before starting Guiding Cents, Martin has been involved in Personal Finance as a Mortgage Planning Consultant, Licensed Real Estate Agent, and Real Estate Investor.

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