Unbounce vs Instapage

Unbounce vs Instapage

For many businesses, their website comprises a homepage, categories, and brand pages. While these are vital to running most businesses, many of these companies or sole proprietorships experience potential sales bouncing before they get to the quality content. The mistake that’s being made is thinking you can eliminate this problem with just your homepage.

The truth of the matter is, homepages on websites and blogs aren’t optimized for conversions. This is because they’re composed of widgets and multiple links to other pages within the site. This type of page is best for encouraging visitors to browse around. The solution is to have a page that is focused on a single action for the visitor to take.

Dedicated Landing Pages

If they built dedicated landing pages to convert with a streamlined focus, to have interesting designs, and that are data driven, the businesses would explode with growth.

Many of the businesses that shy away from landing pages look at this strategy as an overwhelming task they might not be able to create effectively and timely.

However, with a dedicated landing page builder in your tool cabinet, you can create very compelling landing pages in a few minutes.

Getting all the features you need to boost your conversion rate, and don’t need to be a developer to create or code anything.

Two popular landing page builder tools are Unbounce and Instapage. While both offer top features like A/B testing, form builder, templates, drag-and-drop feature, real-time editing, and more, let’s dig a little deeper to see what sets these two big players apart.


With both boasting 1000+ users, Instapage works best for enterprise marketing teams and agencies.

Unbounce, however, is the landing page builder of choice for SaaS, e-commerce teams, and agencies.


We know Instapage for being quick from the start and houses a ton of templates that look beautiful on any device and are completely adjustable via the Instapage drag-and-drop editor. You can match the font, color, and design of your existing website.

Unbounce is better because it also offers hundreds of ready-to-use templates but allows you to customize them much more easily.

With Unbounce’s Classic Builder, you can design pages with lead capture forms, buttons, videos, and much more. Even better: Unbounce’s new Smart Builder uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help businesses, bloggers, and marketers create landing pages—building less and more time converting.

If you don’t want to have any hands on at all in your page building and need to hire an Unbounce designer, they are very easy to find because Unbounce is so popular.

Unbounce Stripe Integration

Unbounce is super easy to integrate with payment processors like Stripe, one of the most popular in use today. Just create the landing page and the Unbounce Stripe widget is super easy to use.


Unfortunately, you’ll find many less than favorable reviews regarding customer service experiences with Instapage. While Instapage offers a resource library, Unbounce makes it a point to let their customers know that they’re available with hands-on, award-winning support—offering unlimited chat services, email, and phone.


For price, the Unbounce cost is the clear winner as you see in the image below. All with more users and pages than Instapage, and the exciting part is you get it for 60% less with Unbounce pricing vs Instapage pricing!

Click Image to Learn More *Pricing subject to change.

When it’s all said and done, landing page platforms may all look the same on the surface, but there are tons of factors that can make or break them once you own a page builder. It’s really all about finding the right fit for your needs and budget—then you can start converting more, growing your company, blog, and brand with new beautiful landing pages.

We believe Unbounce is the clear winner over Instapage and will help you make lots of money.

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